Roland Hanneman

This is the official web site of the real Roland Hanneman. (There is a Roland Hanneman imposter. He did not compose any of this music and illegally profiting from the real Roland Hanneman).

Here are some links to sites officially authorized to sell Roland Hanneman's music. Thank you.

All albums (right) are now available from CD Baby.
Click any one to be taken directly to that page and hear a sample of each.
Halloween Fright Night in 24 Bit High Definition
Halloween Fright Night
Roland Hanneman
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Swim With the Dolphins
Flight of the Eagle
Mystic Sea
Night of the Owl
The Thunderstorm
Tranquil Harbor
Chorus of Whales
The Wolf
Song of the Tribal Spirit
A Most Enduringly Popular Album

Also available from the Artist
Roland St. John Hanneman
(John Saint John)
More Music in the Africa Series
Please also visit the Hernando Youth Orchestra web site to see what we're doing with our music program for the school children in Hernando :)
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